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By Robert Dawe, DDS
July 09, 2016
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And gone are the goopy impressions, multiple appointments, and lost temporary crowns.

As I sit on the plane during my monthly trek to the Spear Education Center in Scottsdale, I realize what a great time this is for dentists and patients alike.  Many theories of the past few decades have come together to make dental treatment faster, better, and more predictable.

My purpose on this trip is to train a group of Canadian dentists in the use of the “new” technology of CAD/CAM for restoring natural teeth and implants in just one appointment.  I put quotation marks around the word new because it was thirty-one years ago that Sirona introduced the Cerec technology to dentistry.  Of course, the technology has matured greatly as our computing power has increased.  Even in the six years I have been using the Cerec technology, it has improved over what I already felt was a huge step forward from the old method of goopy impressions, multiple appointments, and lost temporaries. 

As far as this weekend’s group of dentists goes, I think it will be a revelation to them.   As for their patients, their world just got a lot easier.

By Robert Dawe, DDS
October 14, 2015
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Corinna Hernandez is our newest staff member.

Corinna has previously worked as a dental assistant in Spring Valley and most recently at the Bureau/Putnam Health Department dental clinic.

By Robert Dawe, DDS
November 17, 2014
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It’s cough and cold season: Beware what remedies you use.

It is that time of the year.  The time when runny noses and coughs are rampant.  Beware what you use to quiet that cough.  We have noticed a number of instances where people who had not previously had any problems with tooth decay suddenly developed rampant decay.  Upon questioning, the culprit appeared to be prolonged usage of cough drops.  While these lozenges may alleviate your cough, your teeth don’t see them as anything different than hard candy, which is not good.  Consider using sugar free cough drops, which are not risk free, but are an improvement over the sugar containing variety.

By Robert Dawe, DDS
October 05, 2014
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Dr. Dawe, Dr. Fiedler and staff have a cumulative two hundred and eighteen years of experience in the same practice.  Dr. Dawe and lead assistant, Jan Pomeranke, both have thirty-seven years of experience. (They started when they were toddlers).  Deb Urbanowski and Darla Harvey have each been in the Granville office for thirty years, and assistant Melanie Hundley has worked in the office for twenty five years.  Hygienist Jenelle Colvin has been cleaning teeth in Granville for twenty years and Deanna Fecht for sixteen years.  The newcomer of the practice is Dr. Evan Fiedler, who is already a veteran with 5 years practice in his hometown.  You can always expect to see a familiar face any day of the week.


By Robert Dawe, DDS
July 26, 2014
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I recently returned from the experience of a lifetime: a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Along with 24 other American dentists, I spent the weekend of July 4-6 placing dental implants.  As a group, we placed 500 dental implants into the mouths of poverty-stricken Dominicans who had lost teeth due to lack of dental care.  I returned home with a renewed appreciation for my country.

Dominican patients cheering as we arrive at clinic

The picture is of the Dominican patients cheering as we arrive at the clinic.

me, my surgical partner Dr. Gabriel Sangalang, and Dr. Arun Garg (mission organizer)

If we look tired, we are.  We started at 8:00  in the morning and finished at 10:30 in the evening.

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